Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday Mail Call

This past week has been super busy for me. I had so many writing assignments, but I did take the time to keep track of the books that came in the mail.

1. Vexing the Viscount by Emily Bryan

2. Love Not Forgotten by Ellen Ashe

3. Fire at Midnight by Lisa Marie Wilkinson

4. The History of Now by Daniel Klein

5. For Joy and Wisdom by Jason Mallory (e-book)

My name was selected as the winner of a guest blog with Rowena Cherry. She really is a gracious lady and I absolutely love the hat she wears. I’ve read her books before, so I opted to select the prize of a box of Godiva chocolates. Yum!

Hopefully, things will slow down for a little while and I can get my desk cleaned off, the stacks of papers on the floor gone through and several new blog posts written!

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