Monday, March 16, 2009

His Story

I just finished reading "Rock Hudson, His Story." This book was written by Rock and Sara Davidson. He began the book while he was dying of AIDS and hired Sara to help him.
He must have known it wouldn't be completed until after his death.
It is very well written and Sara did an excellent job of bringing out Rock's personality. He was very loved and looked up to by his friends and just about everyone else who met him.
This book was published in 1986, but it's still poignant today. Although AIDS isn't running quite as rampant as it did in the late '80s or early '90s, it exists as ever before. The disease can still catch up with people who don't take precautions and it can still kill.
That aside, this book also is a trip down memory lane as we read about Rock's movies and TV shows. There are plenty of pictures in three separate spreads to remind us of the great actor he was and the wonderful leading ladies he worked with.


~Sia McKye~ said...

LuAnn, I loved Rock Hudson. He and Gary Grant were favorites of my mothers and we watched any movies starring either one. I especially loved his romantic comedies.

Thanks for reminding me of his book.


Happy St Pats!

LuAnn said...

You're welcome, Sia. He did make some outstanding movies and the book talks about how he felt about them ... which ones he liked, the ones he felt helped his career and those he thought hindered it.
He also talked about how much he was against television, yet he was involved in some great series. I still remember watching McMillan and Wife regularly.
I especially enjoyed his comments about the leading ladies. He seemed to have so much fun working with them. He loved doing comedy.