Thursday, May 8, 2008

Family Tree

What happens when a Caucasian couple gives birth to a black baby? Imagine the possible thoughts that would run through their minds!
This book by Barbara Delinsky explores that exact scenario.
Dana and Hugh have what many would consider a "perfect" marriage. Although they come from two different worlds, their love is one that many dream of someday finding. Yet, when their first child is born, their marriage is threatened as little Lizzie is obviously black. They realize that somewhere in their ancestry, there must be some African American blood.
The obvious choice would be Dana. She never knew her father, yet her mother died when Dana was just a child, so she is unable to ask her about it. She was raised by her grandmother, who also knows nothing about Dana's father. All they know is what little her mother told them ... he was a one-night stand while she was in college.
In the meantime, Hugh's family (rich, snobbish, self-assured and very white) begins flinging accusations. They remind him that he was warned against marrying this woman, especially in light of the fact that he knew nothing of her background or heritage. They also drop not-so-subtle hints that she may have had an affair.
Hugh begins to question his own feelings about this beautiful little girl. One part of him loves her because he knows deep down that she is his daughter. On the other hand, he demands DNA testing to prove -- to his family, he says -- that Lizzie is indeed their child. Dana is indignant, but agrees. After all, she has nothing to hide.
When the tests prove Lizzie is truly the child of Hugh and Dana, they begin a quest to discover who Dana's father is.
What they find will truly astound them!
This is a great book and one of Delinsky's best that I've read so far. She's a wonderful author and her books are always hard to put down.

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