Friday, November 4, 2011

Blog tour: Collecting Innocents by CK Webb and DJ Weaver

Welcome to the blog tour for the new book Collecting Innocents: The 911 Adbuctions, hosted by the authors themselves. This is the sequel to the novel Cruelty to Innocents, which I read and reviewed in June (that post can be found here).

Ebook description:

Highway travel can be lonely and treacherous. Broken down vehicles litter the Emergency Lane like corpses on a battlefield. What if you were alone with no one to call when you found yourself stranded? Your only companion; your small child sleeping in the back seat. What would you do?

Just my opinion:
Collecting Innocents starts off with the abduction of 4-year-old Moira and her mother Tammy, catching your attention right from the first page. They were driving from Florida to California when their car broke down in Louisiana. Tammy's friend Stacy contacts the police in a panic when Tammy didn't show up in California. Where is she?

A short time later, Tammy's body is found in a swamp. Moira -- and the car -- is still missing. So, Saving Angels, an investigation firm formed in response to a series of abductions that occurred in another part of the country, is called in to help. The finding of Tammy's body is followed soon after by the discovery of another body. All evidence points to a serial killer.

I really enjoy reading the books of these two authors. I've read books written by more than one author in the past and in some, you can definitely tell who wrote which chapter or section. However, these two ladies blend the story together in such a smooth way with good dialogue and descriptions. There's not a lot of overly written explanations, making it a pleasure to read and understand the plot. They stick to the storyline and don't bring in extraneous garble. The plot is interesting and keeps you glued to the page.

I'm so glad CK Webb and DJ Weaver asked me to read Collecting Innocents. It was a pleasure!

For more information about these authors and this series and tour, visit their website. There, you will also find information about the next book Avenging Innocents: The Final Chapter, which I'm also looking forward to reading!

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Suko said...

LuAnn, this does sound suspenseful and riveting! Terrific review!