Thursday, September 29, 2011

Scam Phone Calls

This post is off-topic (not about books), but I wanted to call everyone's attention to this issue.

This morning, we received a call from someone looking for my son. The man said there was a lawsuit filed against him and he had papers to serve. He gave me a toll-free number for my son to call. When I asked who the number belonged to, he said it was for a law firm in California but wouldn't tell me which one.

I googled the number and found others have received calls asking to contact this same number. The reasons are always different, although I did find one comment from a young man who was given the same story I was.

A few months ago, we received a similar call from someone looking for my husband's son. The caller said he was named in an assault lawsuit and when I googled the number he was supposed to call back to, I came across a huge list of complaints.

These people are good at what they do. They know a lot about who they are calling, including personal information.

But don't be fooled!

If you or someone you know receives a call that is in any way suspicious, please do the same and google the phone number you are given. It can save a lot of worry and stress.

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Suko said...

Thanks for the warning about this!