Monday, March 10, 2008

Blue Water

As always, A. Manette Ansay delivers a novel of style and grace.
Ansay is one of my favorite writers. She has a wonderful way of expressing her story in an almost poetic way.
In "Blue Water," the main characters (Meg and Rex Van Dorn) lose their daughter to a freak car wreak. The driver of the other vehicle is drunk and Meg's best friend from high school. After a year of trying to deal with their loss, they decide it's time to leave. Their plan is to spend the rest of their lives traveling the world in a sailboat.
That may sound romantic, but it's not easy spending 24/7 isolated on board a boat in the middle of nowhere. Tension mounts and they begin to drift apart. Rex takes to drinking regularly and Meg only wants to go home.
The book introduces the reader to the few people they meet along the way and the perils at sea. Although sad, it is a charming story with a surprise ending.
This is a great book and one I enjoyed immensely.

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