Thursday, January 31, 2008

How's your weather?

It's only two days until that little groundhog pops his head out of the hole in Pennsylvania and determines what the weather will be like around the entire country. Amazing, isn't he?
Here in eastern Washington, it's hard to believe we were getting plummeted with snow just last weekend. Where I live, we don't typically get a lot of snowfall, but we had been buried under about eight inches of the white stuff most of the week.
Yesterday afternoon it warmed up and the wind started blowing. Every thing is in melt-down mode now. Every time I look out the window, more snow is gone. I have no idea where all the water is going to end up!
As for the groundhog, I don't know what his prediction will be, but I'm saying we will have an early spring! I'm tired of winter and I'm ready to see my flowers bloom.
How about you?

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