Saturday, December 3, 2011

Two Tickets to the Christmas Ball

Let's begin the Christmas books reviews with this wonderful story for the holiday season!

By Donita K. Paul

From the back of the book:

In a sleepy, snow-covered city, Cora Crowder is busy preparing for the holiday season. As she searches for a perfect gift, a fortuitous trip to Warner, Werner and Wizbotterdad’s (a most unusual bookshop) leads to an unexpected encounter with co-worker Simon Derrick. And the surprise discovery of a ticket for a truly one-of-a-kind Christmas Ball.

Just my opinion:

Oh, my goodness, this has to be one of the most fun and pleasant books I’ve read in a long time and just right for the holiday season!

Cora is a very shy and reserved young woman. She’s the kind of person who easily gets lost in the crowd. Not often noticed, she likes being anonymous. She doesn’t have many friends and is estranged from her family. It’s just her and her cat (who also often ignores her) living in her plain and quiet apartment. Each morning, she goes to work and each evening, she returns home for another peaceful night. For many, it would seem like a boring existence, but Cora is quite content. All that changes when she runs into Simon Derrick, one of her supervisors, while visiting an unusual bookstore in the middle of one of the oldest sections of the city. Owned and operated by three odd gentlemen, it’s a shop of the kind you just don’t find very often. She purchases a book as a Christmas gift, says a few words to Simon and heads back to her little apartment. As she looks through the book, a slip of paper falls out. It’s a ticket to a Christmas ball.

And because of that ticket, Cora’s life is about to change.

Two Tickets to the Christmas Ball is such a wonderful story. With wizards and magic sprinkled into the mix, it’s a completely new take on the holiday season. It’s such fun to read and is bound to lighten the stress that often comes with preparing for Christmas. You really must read this one!


Donita K. Paul said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you. This is one of my favorite stories. I love Cora, Simon, and the sister and the cat and even the pastor who untangles Christmas lights with our hero. It is one of those stories that just pours out of the pen. (Except I was on a computer.) It feels like a made for TV movie to me. I'm so glad you liked it too.

Suko said...

LuAnn and Donita, this does sound like a terrific book to read during the holidays--or just about anytime!

Admin said...

Hi LuAnn! I'm trying to get up with you regarding an author's review today...did you move your blog elsewhere?