Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Life, Liberty, and Pursuit

By Susan Kaye Quinn

From the back of the book:

When college-bound Eliza falls into a cruise-ship pool, she doesn’t expect to fall in love. And when navy recruit David pulls her from the water, he finds her surprisingly hard to resist. But a whirlwind of rescues, candlelit nights, and beachside misunderstandings pulls them into a four day love affair that threatens to break their hearts before their love has a chance to start.

Just my opinion:

Eliza’s mother and new stepfather decide to take a cruise and invite her along before she heads off to college. As she stands on the deck enjoying the view of the ocean, she spots a very attractive young man near the rail. When he turns and looks her way, she quickly backs into the shadows, falling into the pool.

David is on the cruise with his family and sees a pretty young woman standing on the deck late at night. When she backs into the pool, he rushes over to find her floundering. He jumps in and pulls her out of the water and takes her right away to the infirmary. Not satisfied with the care they are giving her, he brings his father, who just happens to be a doctor, to look her over.

It’s definitely a set-up for a whirlwind romance between these two young adults, yet they keep finding reasons why they shouldn’t attempt a relationship. For one, David is getting ready to leave for boot camp as he is a new Navy recruit. Secondly, Eliza will be heading for college once she gets back from home.

To complicate matters, David’s sister is doing everything she can to get them together, but their parents aren’t very keen about the idea. But after Eliza saves David from a band of robbers on shore, there’s no stopping them from falling in love.

This is such a fun book! Written for young adults, Susan Kaye Quinn creates a story that has a wonderful flow to it. I thoroughly enjoyed the story and the characters. I especially liked David’s brother Tomasz, who is such an entertaining flirt! He brought such exuberance to the book.

I had put off reading this book for a while because the print is so small and I wasn’t sure if my eyes would get too tired, but it turned out to be OK. I’m glad it did … I wouldn’t have wanted to miss this story for the world!


Julie @ Read Handed said...

This sounds cute! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Elizabeth said...


Found you on the Partners in Crime Host List. I am on the list as well.

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